Volume 2:

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Paper 1 "The Influence of Cleaning and Surface Treatment on Filiform Corrosion of Aluminium Alloys"
A.P.Kayes, M.J.Robinson and S.Impey

Paper 2 "Amorphous Zirconia Films as Adhesion Promoter for Organic Coating"
F. J. Rodriguez, L. Fedrizzi, R. Di Maggio and S. Rossi

Paper 3 "Iron Corrosion Protection by Plasma-Polymerised Coatings"
C. Vautrin-Ul, C. Boisse-Laporte, A. Chausse, P. Leprince and R. Messina

Paper 4 "Electroreductive polymerisation and corrosion resistance of trans-[RuCl2(vpy)4] on Nd-Fe-B magnets in Na2SO4 solution"
M.C.E. Bandeira, F. D. Prochnow, I. Costa and C.V. Franco

Paper 6 "The Corrosion Resistance of the Different States of Polyaniline Compared with Strontium Chromate in Powder Coating Epoxy on Mild Steel"
M.M..Attar, J.D. Scantlebury and J. Marsh

Paper 7 "Corrosion Performance of the Electropymerized Phenol Coating on Stainless Steel Electrodes.in Cement filtering solutions. Polarization Resistance, Voltammetric and FTIR Spectroscopy Study"
P.Garcés, L.Ga. Andión, F. Cases, R. Lapuente, E. Morallón and J. L. Vázquez

Paper 8 "Electro-polymerisation of phenol derivatives on zinc-coated steel"
Y. Yoshida, J. Marsh and J. D. Scantlebury

Paper 9 "The behaviour of epoxy powder coatings on mild steel under alkali conditions"
A.B. Darwin and J.D. Scantlebury

Paper 11 "Statistical analysis of salt spray and EIS testing data concerning organic coated metals"
F. Deflorian, S. Rossi, L. Fedrizzi and P.L. Bonora

Paper 12 "Degradation of Acrylic Coatings on Galvanized Steel"
A. Forsgren and N. Steihed

Paper 13 "Effect of Barrier Pigments on Cathodic Disbonding Part 1: Aluminium and Glass Pigments"
O.Ø. Knudsen, E. Bardal and U. Steinsmo

Paper 14 "Silane Coatings for Replacement of Phosphate/Chromate Pretreatments of Automotive Metal Sheets"
W.J van Ooij and Guru Prasad Sundararajan

Paper 15 "Short Term Testing and Real Time Exposure"
James Maxted

Paper 18 "An Investigation of the Scribe Behaviour of Protective Organic Coatings using Scanning Reference Electrode (SRET) and Electrochemical Noise Techniques (ENM)"
D J Mills, S Mabbutt and R Akid

Paper 19 "An Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis of Protective Behaviour of Final Coatings on Naval Steel"
E.C. Bucharsky, E.B. Castro and S.G. Real

Paper 21 "Chromate-free inhibiting pigments for coil-coated galvanised steel"
I.M. Zin, S.B. Lyon, S.J. Badger, J.D. Scantlebury and V.I. Pokhmurskii

Paper 24 "Metal containing ceramic coatings as an anti-corrosion treatment for steel"
M. Walsh and J. D. Scantlebury

Paper 25 "Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) to Support Conventional Artificial Perspiration Testing"
J. Marsh

Paper 26 "Blistering and Delamination Processes on Coated Steel"
D. Greenfield and J. D. Scantlebury

Paper 27 "Predictive Testing of Internally Coated Food Cans"
J.C.P. White

Paper 30 "Characterization of the Electrochemical Events at Intrinsic Breakdown Sites on Organically Coated AA2024-T3"
A.M. Mierisch and S.R. Taylor

Paper 36 "Filiform Corrosion of Aluminium Alloy 3003 H14 under Humid and Immersed Conditions"
Z. Marsh, J. Marsh and J.D. Scantlebury

Paper 37 "Effect of Barrier Pigments on Cathodic Disbonding Part 2: Mechanism of the Effect of Aluminium Pigments"
O.Ø. Knudsen, and U. Steinsmo