Volume 6:

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Preprint 1 "Internal/External Environment Coupling in Stress Corrosion Cracking"
Digby D. Macdonald

Preprint 2 "Oxidation-Reduction Resistance of Advanced Copper Alloys"
L.U. Ogbuji, D.L. Humphrey and J.A. Setlock

Preprint 3 "Protection of Advanced Copper Alloys with Lean Cu-Cr Coatings"
L.U. Ogbuji

Preprint 4 "Corrosion Performance of Recast Layers Produced During Laser Drilling of Type 305 Stainless Steel"
X. Y. Wang, G.K.L.Ng, Z. Liu, L. Li P. Skeldon and L. Bradley

Preprint 5 "An Investigation of the Corrosion Behaviour of Transfer Lining Exchanger (TLE) of the Olefin Plant in the Arak Petrochemical Complex"
A.A.Riahi M.H.Shariat and M.S.Aboutorabi

Preprint 6 "The Risk of Stress Corrosion Cracking of Prestressed Steel and its Prevention by Use of Nitrite Inhibitor"
C. Alonso, J. Fullea and C. Andrade

Preprint 7 "New Developments in the Use of Chemicals for Pipeline Corrosion Control"
C.W. Bowman

Preprint 8 "The Corrosion Protection of Copper and Copper Alloys using an Electrodeposited Conducting Polypyrrole Coating"
C.B. Breslin and A.M. Fenelon

Preprint 9 "Electrochemical Corrosion Behavior of Tubing Alloys in Simulated Space Shuttle Launch Pad Conditions"
L. M. Calle, R.D. Vinje and L.G. MacDowell

Preprint 10 "Stress Corrosion Cracking Behaviour of Retrogressed and Reaged 1441 Al-Li-Cu-Mg-Zr Alloy"
K. S. Ghosh, K. Das and U. K. Chatterjee

Preprint 11 "Potential Dependence of Frictional Coefficient Evaluated by In-situ Nano-scratching for the Passive Iron Surface"
Makoto Chiba and Masahiro Seo

Paper 12 "Corrosion Behavior of Laser Surface Melted 2014 Aluminium Alloy in T6 and T451 Tempers"
P.H. Chong, Z. Liu, P. Skeldon and G. E. Thompson

Paper 13 "Titanium Incorporation into the Oxides of Nuclear Reactor Materials"
W.G. Cook, D.H. Lister, K. Ishigure and S. Ono

Paper 14 "Mechanisms of Zirconium Alloy Corrosion in Nuclear Reactors"
B. Cox

Preprint 15 "Corrosion of Friction Stir Welds in High Strength Aluminium Alloys"
A. J. Davenport, R. Ambat, M. Jariyaboon, P. C. Morgan, D. Price, A. Wescott, and S. Williams

Preprint 16 "Corrosion Science in the 21st Century"
G. S. Frankel

Preprint 17 "Passivation and Dissolution of Magnesium"
M. Gonzalez-Torreira, A. Fones, and A. J. Davenport

Preprint 18 "Laser Optical Interferometry in Electrochemistry and Corrosion: Fundamentals and Applications"
K. Habib, K.Al-Muhana, and A.Habib

Preprint 19 "Erosion corrosion of copper-10%nickel alloy revisited"
T. Hodgkiess and G. Vassiliou

Preprint 20 "Galvanic Interactions during Erosion Corrosion"
T. Hodgkiess, S. Shrestha, J. M.. Perry, D. Mantzavinos, G. Vassiliou, and A. Faber

Paper 21 "Corrosion in Hot Gas Converters of Sulphuric Acid Plant"
M.B. Ives, K.S. Coley and J. Rodda

Preprint 22 "Influence of Non-Isothermity on the General and Local Corrosion of Copper and Iron"
S.A. Kaluzhina, A.V. Malygin, I.V. Sieber, V.I. Vigdorovitch

Preprint 23 "Acid Resistance of HastelloyC Coatings Formed by Modified HVOF Spraying with A Gas Shroud"
Jin Kawakita, Seiji Kuroda, and Takeshi Fukushima

Preprint 24 "Influence of Organic Coating Macrostructure on its Resistance to Erosive Wear"
D. Kotnarowska

Preprint 25 "Pitting Of Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes In Industrial Cooling Water Systems"
N. Laycock, S. Hodges, D. Krouse, D. Keen and P. Laycock

Preprint 26 "The Corrosion Prevention Behaviour of Organic Coatings under the Tidal Zone Simulation"
Yen-Chin Lin, Yuan-Po Lee, Jiunn-Shyong Luo and Wen-Ta Tsai

Preprint 27 "A Comparison of Biotic and Inorganic Sulphide Films on Alloy 400"
J.S. Lee, R.I. Ray, and B.J. Little

Preprint 28 "Corrosion Studies of Duplex Stainless Steels with Micrometer Resolution"
M. Femenia, J. Pan, and C. Leygraf

Preprint 29 "Deterministic Prediction of Localized Corrosion Damage"
Digby D. Macdonald

Preprint 30 "Localised Corrosion and Inhibitor Selection"
W.Y. Mok, A.E. Jenkins and C.G. Gamble

Preprint 31 "Structures of Metal-benzotriazole Films on Copper and Other Metals"
T. Notoya, M. Satake, T. Ohtsuka, H. Yashiro, M. Sato, T. Yamauchi and D. P. Schweinsberg

Preprint 32 "Red Mud as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Reinforced Concrete"
M. Cabeza, A. Collazo; X. R. Nóvoa and M. C. Pérez

Preprint 33 "Chromium Implantation in AISI 304L Stainless Steel: Electrochemical Study of the Passive Film"
C. M. Abreu, M. J. Cristóbal, X. R. Nóvoa, G. Pena, M. C. Pérez

Preprint 34 "The Growth Rate Estimation of the Corrosion Films on Steels Exposed in the Atmospheric Environments"
H. Ogawa, T. Shinohara and S. Tsujikawa

Preprint 35 "Corrosion Monitoring: from laboratory advances to industrial control"
Roland Oltra

Preprint 36 "Repassivation Kinetics of Inconel Alloy 600 in 0.1M Na2SO4 Solution at Temperatures 298 to 573K"
S.-I. Pyun and J.-J. Park

Preprint 37 "The Influence of Hexamethylenetetramine on the Corrosion and Hydrogen Permeation of Type API 5L-X52 Steel"
R. Réquiz, A. Delgado, A. Rivas and A. Ruiz

Preprint 38 "Initial Stage of Localized Corrosion on Zn - 5 mass% Al Alloy Coated Steels by Pulsed Photon Film Removal Technique"
Sakairi Masatoshi, Itabashi Kazuma And Takahashi Hideaki

Preprint 39 "Electrochemical Behaviour of UNS S17700 and UNS N08800 Alloys in Synthetic Wastewater"
R. Sandoval-Jabalera, E. Arias-Del Campo, F. Almeraya-Calderon, C. Gaona-Tiburcio, J. G. Chacon-Nava and A. Martinez-Villafañe

Preprint 40 "Frictional Coefficients of the Passive Titanium Surfaces Evaluated with In-situ and Ex-situ Nano-scratching Tests"
M. Seo, Y. Kurata and M. Chiba

Preprint 41 "Failure of Newly Laid Water Pipeline"
Shahid T. Sheikh

Preprint 42 "Failure of Super Heater of Boiler Tubes"
Shahid Tufail Sheikh

Preprint 43 "Calculation of Relative Humidity in Equilibrium with Strong Electrolyte Solutions by Thermodynamic Data"
Tadashi Shinohara , Wataru Oshikawa and Shin-ichi Motoda

Preprint 44 "Investigation on Corrosion of Magnesium and its Alloys"
Guangling Song

Preprint 45 "Local Electrochemistry in Breakdown of Organic Coatings"
John Sykes, Bharti Reddy and Matthew Doherty

Paper 46 "Effect of Magnetic Fields on Corrosion"
Y. C. Tang, M. Gonzalez-Torreira, S. Yang, A. J. Davenport

Preprint 47 "Metal Surfaces with Ultrahydrophobic Properties: Perspectives for Corrosion Protection and Self-Cleaning"
M. Thieme, R. Frenzel, V. Hein and H. Worch

Preprint 48 "Ecological Characteristics of New Fewcomponent Anticorrosion Conservation Materials Based on Oil"
L.E. Tsygankova, V.I. Vigdorovitch and N.V. Shell

Preprint 49 "R/S Fractal Analysis of Electrochemical Noise Signals of Three Organic Coating Samples under Corrosion Conditions"
M. A. González-Núñez and J. Uruchurtu-Chavarín

Preprint 50 "Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Laser Clad Ferrite-based Coatings with Rare Earth La2O3"
G.M. Zhao, K.L. Wang

Preprint 51 "Investigating Potential Corrosion Associated with Newly Developed Fuels"
Harovel G. Wheat and Mirage Thakar

Paper 52 "Surface Modification With Compositionally Modulated Multilayer Coatings"
G.D. Wilcox

Preprint 54 "Mn-Enrichment at the Pitting Front End in 27SiMn Low-Alloy Steel"
Zhang Zengzhi, Cheng Guoqing and Zhang Limei

Preprint 55 "The Electrochemical Corrosion Behavior of 27SiMn Low-Alloy Steel in an Environment of a Lignite Coalpit"
Zhang Zengzhi, Niu Junjie, Zhang Limei, Cheng Guoqing, Han Guiquan And Liu Weiwei

Preprint 56 "Galvanic Corrosion of 27SiMn Coupled with Anthracite in a Mine Water"
Zhang Zeng-Zhi, Xu Hai-Feng and Cao Peng

Paper 57 "Effect of Drying Temperature on Chromate Conversion Coatings on Zinc"
X. Zhang, C. van den Bos, W.G. Sloof, H. Terryn, A. Hovestad and J.H.W. de Wit

Preprint 58 "The Visual Determination of Exfoliation Rate of Al Alloy Slices in Humidity"
X. Zhao and G. S. Frankel

Preprint 59 "Effect of SO42-, S2O32- and HSO4- Ion Additives on Electrochemical Etching of Pure Aluminium Foil for Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor"
S.-I. Pyun and K.-H. Na

Preprint 60 "Future Challenges for Functional Chemicals in Oil and Gas Production"
G. Schmitt

Preprint 61 "Corrosion Resistance of Laser Clad Coatings with CeO2"
K.L. Wang, Y. Chen, G.M. Zhao and S. Cheng

Preprint 62 "FEG-SEM and STEM Investigation of High Temperature FeCrAl(RE) Alloys"
H.Al-Badairy, A.J. Papworth, G.J. Tatlock, M. Bestmann, G. Seward and D. Prior

Preprint 63 "Corrosion Resistant CVD Mullite Coatings"
S.N. Basu and V.K. Sarin

Preprint 64 "Alumina Scale Formation During Oxidation of HVOF Sprayed MCrAlY Coatings"
G. Marginean, W. Brandl, D. Maghet, D. Utu

Preprint 65 "High-Temperature Air Oxidation of Co-Ta Alloys - Kinetics Comparison Between TGAInformation and Direct Measurement of Total Scale Thickness"
Marcelo de Castro-Rebello, Celso Claudio Perego, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório & Stephan Wolynec

Preprint 66 "Internal-Corrosion Processes in Ni-Base Alloys"
U. Krupp, S.-Y. Chang, H.-J. Christ

Preprint 67 "Characterisation of Several Nickel-Base Alloys in Metal Dusting Environments"
F. Di Gabriele, F.H. Stott, J.R. Bernstein and Z. Liu

Preprint 68 "Delamination Processes in Thermal Barrier Coating Systems"
H.E. Evans and M.P.Taylor

Preprint 69 "In advanced Creep Failure of H.P. Modified Reformer Tubes in an Ammonia Plant"
H. Shariat, A.H. Faraji, A. AshrafRiahy and M. M.Alipour

Preprint 70 "Development of new corrosion resistant coatings based on chemical nanotechnology"
W. Fuerbeth, H.-Q. Nguyen, M. Schuetze

Preprint 71 "The Nature and Composition of Thermal Oxides on InAlP"
M. J. Graham, S. Moisa, G. I. Sproule, X. Wu, J. W. Fraser, P. J. Barrios, A. J. SpringThorpe and D. Landheer

Preprint 72 "Evaluation of the Critical Oxide Thickness to Initiate Spallation from a LPPS CoNiCrAlY Coating"
S. Gray, M. P. Taylor, E. Chau and H. E. Evans

Paper 73 "Inter-Diffusion between NiO Coating and the Oxide Scale on Fe-22Cr Alloy"
A.N. Hansson, M. Mogensen, S. Linderoth and M.A.J. Somers

Preprint 74 "Erosion Corrosion of Coatings Exposed in a Fluidised Bed Test Rig"
Anders Hjörnhede and Anders Nylund

Paper 75 "Segregation Phenomena at Growing Alumina/Alloy Interfaces"
P.Y. Hou

Preprint 76 "Laser forming : A High Performance Alloy Component Manufacturing Technology for Corrosion Resistance in the 21st century"
S Mahapatra, A S Khanna and A Gasser

Preprint 77 "Degradation performance of Al-containing alloys and intermetallics by molten ZnCl2/KCl"
Y.S. Li and M. Spiegel

Preprint 78 "The Cyclic Oxidation Behaviour of Several Aluminide and Platinum Aluminide Diffusion Coatings at 1150?°C"
A. Littner and M. Schütze

Preprint 79 "Characterisation of Molten Glass Corrosion Behaviour by Use of Electrochemical Techniques"
B. Gaillard-Allemand, A. Littner, R. Podor, C. Rapin, M. Vilasi

Preprint 80 "Boro-Aluminide Coatings for Protection against High Temperature Steam Oxidation"
N.E. Maragoudakis, S.D. Tsipa, G. Stergioudis, H. Omar, D.N. Tsipas

Preprint 81 "Thermal stability of NiAl and (Ni, Pt)Al coatings on Nimonic 80A alloy at 950?°C"
M. Reid, M. J. Pomeroy and J. Robinson

Preprint 82 "The study of a-alumina scale failure at welded joints in high temperature ODS alloys"
P. Muangjunburee and G.J. Tatlock

Paper 83 "Electrochemical behavior of Fe-28Al-2C after high temperature hydrogen treatment"
T. Laha, R. Balasubramaniam, A.Tewari, M.N. Mungole and R.G. Baligidad

Preprint 84 "The Oxidation Behavior of C+Nb Ion Implanted ?-TiAl Based Alloy in a Synthetic Automobile Exhaust Gas"
K.Nakagawa, Y.Matsunaga, X.Y.Li, Y.C.Zhu, K.Fujita and S.Taniguchi

Preprint 85 "Influence of dew point on the selective oxidation during annealing of cold rolled DP and Ti-IF steels"
I. Parezanovic, M. Spiegel

Preprint 86 "Oxidation Behaviour of High-Speed Steels Under Dry and Moist Air Environments"
M.J. Monteiro and F.C. Rizzo

Preprint 87 "Metal dusting of binary Fe-Al alloys in CO-H2-H2O gas mixtures"
A. Schneider, J. Zhang, G. Inden

Preprint 88 "Plasma Spray Coatings of Ni-20Cr on Boiler Tube Steel and"
Buta Singh Sidhu and Dr. S. Prakash

Preprint 89 "Metallic Components in Coal-Gasification Fuel Gas Paths"
P.J. Kilgallon, N.J. Simms, J.F. Norton and J.E. Oakey

Preprint 90 "Predicting Type II Hot Corrosion in Industrial Gas Turbines"
N J Simms, L Heikinheimo, A Encinas-Oropesa, S Tuurna, P J Kilgallon, J R Nicholls and J E Oakey

Paper 91 "Controlled Oxidation of MCrAlY Coatings at Low Pressures"
L.P.H. Jeurgens, T.J. Nijdam and W.G.Sloof

Preprint 92 "Materials Issues in Advancing Energy Technologies"
John Stringer and Ian G. Wright

Preprint 93 "Steam Oxidation Resistance of Thermal Sprayed Coatings for USC boiler applications: Coating Materials Selection and Process strategy"
T.Sundararajan, S.Kuroda, T.Itagaki and F.Abe

Preprint 94 "The Slag Corrosion Behaviour Of Laser Surface Treated Refractory Ceramics"
D. Triantafyllidis, F.H. Stott and L.Li

Preprint 95 "Oxidation / Reduction Sintering of Ni Powder"
T. Werber, Z. Zurek, T. Wierzchon, J. Stoch, A. Stawiarski and M. Homa

Preprint 96 "Grain-Boundary Sulfidation of Nickel-Based Superalloy at 873 K"
H.Yakuwa, M.Miyasaka, S.Nakahama, T.Uehara, T.Nonomura, T.Ohno and T.Narita

Preprint 97 "The Surface Oxidation Kinetics of Cu(100) and (110) Thin Films Visualised by In situ UHV-TEM"
J. C. Yang and G. W. Zhou

Preprint 98 "Corrosive Failure Analysis of Thermal Spray Coatings for Advanced Waste-to-Power Generation Plant at Elevated Temperatures"
M. Yoshiba, A. Mikami, K. Shimada and T. Shimizu

Preprint 99 "Multi-Zone Internal Precipitation Reactions"
D.J. Young

Paper 100 "Metal dusting of iron in CO-H2-H2O gas mixtures at 600?°C"
J. Zhang, A. Schneider and G. Inden

Preprint 101 "Corrosion Behaviour of Chromium Steels for Interconnects in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells"
Thomas Fich Pedersen, Peter B. Friehling, Jørgen B. Bilde-Sørensen and Søren Linderoth

Preprint 102 "In situ â??? Investigation of Kinetics and Stresses in Alumina Scales on NiAl during the Phase Transformation Theta to Alpha"
N. Eisenreich, H. Fietzek, M.J. Garcia-Vargas, M. Juez-Lorenzo, V. Kolarik

Preprint 103 "Stress Controlled Mechanisms in the Oxidation of Metallic Alloys"
M. Schütze

Preprint 104 "Oxidation study of alumina-forming alloys"
S. Chevalier, C. Houngninou, S. Paris, F. Bernard, E. Gaffet, Z.A. Munir, J.P. Larpin and G. Borchardt

Preprint 105 "Internal Oxidation of an Aluminum CoatedSteel Under Oxidant Atmosphere in a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Regenerator"
I. Caminha, C. Zeng, M. Piza Paes, M. Monteiro, F. Rizzo

Preprint 106 "Potentiodynamic polarization studies of aluminium alloys with enriching alloying elements"
S. Garcia-Vergara, M. A. Arenas, P. Skeldon, G. E. Thompson, K. Shimizu and H. Habazaki

Paper 107 "Breakdown of Anodic Films on Titanium and its Suppression by Alloying "
H. Habazaki, M. Uozumi, H. Konno, K. Shimizu, P. Skeldon, G.E. Thompson and G.C. Wood