Volume 23:

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Preprint 9 "Synergistic effect of hybrid graphene oxide-aluminum dihydric tripolyphosphate in epoxy�based anticorrosive coatings"
Weiqiang Song
Preprint 12 "Effect of w/c ratio on the corrosion of rebar embedded in high strength concrete"
Hema sumanth. B and Vasugi. k
Preprint 14 "Fatigue Crack Arrest in Mild Steel via Iron Electroplating"
J. Huang and H. Cardenas
Preprint 16 "Polyphosphate performance for inhibiting corrosion of heat exchanger materials"
Arini Nikitasari, Sundjono, Gadang Priyotomo, Ahmad Royani
Preprint 20 "Corrosion protection of reinforced steel embedded with Portland cement doped Mangrove ( Rhizophora apiculata ) bark tannin inhibitor in 3.5 % NaCl solution "
Izariff Zulham, Farah Athena Zakaria, Nur Amirah Ishak, Tuan Sherwyn Hamidon, M. Hazwan Hussin*
R. S. Silva and A. Meneguzzi
Preprint 37 "Chemical. electrochemical and quantum mechanical evaluations of antibiotics/drugs as potential corrosion inhibitors in acidic environment-A review"
Mahboobeh Mahmoodi, Peyman Mahmoudi Hashemi, Rana Imani and Javed Iqbal
Preprint 41 "A Review on Electrodeposition of hard chrome plating"
Jeeva PA
Preprint 42 "Corrosion Behavior of Low Carbon Steel Pipe in Condensate Environment"
Ahmad Royani, Siska Prifiharni, Gadang Priyotomo and Sundjono
Preprint 43 "SRB Induced Corrosion on Mild Steel against Tin Coating With Response Design Parameters"
ANAND B, Vidyadharani G, Sivaperumal G and Loganathan S
Paper 44 "Analyse and test of cathodic protection system of buried gas pipeline passing through the casing "
Cong Wu, Zhiguang Chen, Chaokui Qin and Yibin Wu
Preprint 48 "Effect of Ultrafine Grain Structure on Corrosion Behavior of 5083 Aluminum Alloy Produced via Accumulative Roll Bonding"
Majid Oghabneshin, Mostafa Alizadeh and Masoud Yousefi
Paper 50 "Electrochemical and theoretical studies on protective film formed by a synthesized Schiff base on mild steel surface in acid media"
Pandimuthu Gandhi, rameshkumar subramaniam, Paramasivaganesh Kumaraswamy and Sankar Arumugam
Paper 51 "Effect of epoxy/urea-formaldehyde microcapsules on corrosion performance of reinforcing steel in cement mortars"
Na Xu, Xuping Ji and Wanyi Wang
Preprint 54 "Materials and anticorrosive developments in offshore and subsea oil and gas production"
Michael Sizyakov
Preprint 56 "Development of a novel recirculation apparatus to study flow accelerated corrosion of mild steel."
Matsobane Philllip Mothiba
Preprint 57 "Exchanger tubes AISI 304L failure by pitting corrosion in H2S environment"
iman Amini
Preprint 58 "Shot Peening on AISI 304 by Various Sizes of Steel Ball Particles to Reduce Corrosion Rates"
Margono Margono, Bambang Hari Priyambodo and Rizqi Ilmal Yaqin
Preprint 59 "Development of eco-friendly corrosion-resistant boron carbide coating from natural carbon precursor"
Preprint 62 "Design and Analysis of Low Density Mg-6Zn-4Cu-2Ca-1Mn alloy for Automobile Structures"
PARAMESWARAN P, Saravanan Sekar, Malathy Paulpandi, Rameshbabu Rameshbabu, Susheela N and Navaneethakrishnan G
Preprint 63 "Effects of Chloride Ion on Corrosion Rate of Mild Steel in Suphuric Acid Pickling Solution"
Preprint 64 "Influence of Dissolved Cow Bone Powder Coating on Corrosion of Martensitic Stainless Steel in Sea Water"
Camillus Obayi, Anthony Asadu, Paul Nnamchi and Peter Offor
Preprint 65 "Corrosion of a Spark Plasma Sintered Fe-Cr-Mo-B-C Alloy in 3.5% NaCl solution"
Mudassir Farooq, Muhammad Sohail Hanif and Ahmad Sorour
Preprint 66 "Investigation of Erosion Behaviors of Different Elbow Pipes with Corrosion Defects"
Wenbo Cai, Chuanjun Han, He Li and Yaxi Xiao
Preprint 68 "Review of the green inhibitors for steel corrosion in automotive industry"
aziz chami, Rajaa BENABBOU, Belkheir Hammouti, ZAKIA RAIS and Mounia Elhaji
Preprint 72 "Shape Monitoring of Leakage Hole of Water Pipeline Based on Negative Pressure Wave and in Gas Field"
Xiao Li, Jingdong Chen and Wenyan Zhang
Preprint 73 "Corrosion analysis of LM13/ZrSiO4/C Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites"
Ravitej y p
Preprint 76 "Effect of pre strain on the structural, mechanical and electrochemical properties of Al7075 alloy"
Sayantani Basu, Amit Sarkar, Shampa Dhar and Subhadra Sahoo
Preprint 77 "Anti- corrosive Properties of Plasma-polymerized Hexamethyldisiloxane Thin Films"
Ahmad Khder, Mohamad Ali Salameh and Moustafa Hasan Al-Mawaldi
Preprint 87 "Experimental approach of polyphenol as an ecological corrosion inhibitor in HCl 1M for steel used in the Moroccan automotive industry"
Aziz Chami, Rajaa BENABBOU, imane mehdaoui, ehhachmia ech-chihbi, rajae salim, Belkheir Hammouti, ZAKIA RAIS and Mounia Elhaji
Preprint 89 "The erosion failure mechanism of the wellhead cross-body of gas drilling"
zhewei ye, yao zhao, wenbo cai and yuanlin pang
Preprint 108 "Effect of particles size variation on the microstructure, mechanical and corrosion properties of TiNi- nano silica reinforced composites"
Mairaj Ahmad